Вакансия Principal/Lead Blockchain Developer

1 вакансия
Специализация: Team/Tech Lead
Уровень: Team Lead
Опыт: 5 лет
Уровень английского: Intermediate
Город: Тбилиси, Грузия
Режим работы: Полный день
Размер команды: 6—8
Размер компании: 800
Возможна удалённая работа: Да

Forte Group is seeking a highly experienced Lead/Principal Blockchain Developer to join our team.


Peeranha.io is the pioneering decentralized AI-based Q&A platform built on blockchain, rewarding users for contributions with cryptocurrency. Serving communities across Web3, our vision is to become the primary Q&A resource (akin to StackOverflow) but with a focus beyond Web3, prioritizing user data ownership and monetization.

What you know

  • Cryptography Fundamentals: Demonstrate a strong understanding of cryptography fundamentals, including encryption, hashing algorithms, and zero-knowledge proofs
  • Blockchain technology: Possess a solid understanding of blockchain technology at the protocol level, including consensus mechanisms, smart contracts, and blockchain data structures
  • Smart Contract Development: Hands-on experience in building and deploying smart contracts using Solidity
  • Scalability Solutions: Understand the principles of Layer 2 (L2) scaling solutions, Rollups, and WebAssembly, and their applications in blockchain scalability
  • Development Tools: Be proficient in JavaScript/TypeScript, [ethers|web3].js, Docker, and GraphQL for building and interacting with decentralized applications
  • Web3 Best Practices: Familiarity with best practices for building applications in the Web3 ecosystem, including the appropriate toolset and libraries such as [ethers|web3].js
  • Nice to Have Experience: While not required, experience with Kubernetes, Nomad, Tor/Onion routing, and Arweave would be considered a plus

Role Specifics

  • Help build best-in-class technical solutions for current and future products based on cryptography and distributed ledgers
  • Implementation of system design with a focus on Resilience, Scalability, Security, and Decentralization
  • Leverage prior experience in the development of decentralized systems with blockchain technology to build a solution for a Web3 developer community 
  • Develop solutions around event-based architecture, virtualization, and cloud providers

You are an Agile Team Member 

Job #1 is to be part of a self-organizing team – a team that solves complex challenges and builds working software. Being a good team member means you contribute to its success by: 

  • Collaborating with CTO and Technical Product Owner to groom the backlog and break down stories into small slices
  • Maintaining an attitude of commitment through outward display of willingness
  • Impressing responsibility on others by displaying ownership in tasks
  • Practicing positive interactions – lean on encouragement in place of judgment
  • Being open to new ideas and encouraging innovative practices among peers 
  • Actively working on broadening or adding a skill 
  • Asking for assistance when problems become challenging 
  • Balancing best practice decisions with delivering high business value (right vs right now) 
  • Delivers stories/tasks that are “committed” within a timebox 

You are also a Product Developer

The Product Developer is focused on delivering a quality and timely product. They contribute to the development of large and small-scale solutions that enable the business by building software that is in compliance with “what” needs to be done (stories) and “how” they are constrained (frameworks, patterns and practices). 

Principal Accountability | Technical Sprint Planning 

  • Understands and collaborates with the Principal Engineer and Technical Product Owner to adhere to solution level design

Principal Accountability | Software Development 

  • Active member of a product team that solves complex challenges and builds working software 
  • Develops with awareness for team members needs 
  • Produces high-quality code and is a dependable resource for peers 
  • Keeps development tasks updated (time remaining) to provide insight into risk/complexity 
  • Learns to develop code in small chunks and checks in code (at minimum) daily
  • Contributes to merge up/down through the development process 
  • Carries out root cause analysis on defects to ensure fixes are happening in the right way

Principal Accountability | Quality Control 

  • Practices unit test development with a focus on increasing code coverage sprint over sprint 
  • Reviews code of other team members as a generally accepted practice
  • Addresses technical debt constantly - escalating when it becomes risky to time or quality
  • Proactively reaches out to the team to discuss “scope of impact” of code changes
  • Balances the velocity of development tasks with those of testing tasks (lean concept)

Principal Accountability | Release Activities 

  • Adheres to a well-defined code promotion process 
  • Resolves defects in a timely and effective manner 
  • Identifies tactical risks and raises/resolves issues effectively. 
  • Creates deployment documentation that outlines WHERE & WHAT?

We offer

  • Remote work with a team spread across Europe and the US
  • Additional compensation in the form of the project’s tokens
  • Opportunities for self-realization working on challenging projects using new technologies and tools
  • Friendly team and enjoyable working environment
  • Participation in professional trainings and meetups
  • Fully paid by Forte 5 sick days during the working year
  • Internal English courses provided by Forte Teacher

Join us and be a part of our team!

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